Guarantee conditions

We give a guarantee of faultless operation of our catalyst converter for the period of twelve months or 50.000 kilometers depending on what will take place sooner. However, the conditions below must be followed

  • The car is run on unleaded petrol
  • The car is initially equipped with a catalyst converter
  • The installation of a catalyst converter takes place in a specialized diagnostic station or in a garage specializing in installations and reinstallations of exhaust fumes systems
  • The failures which had a direct impact on catalyst converters breakdown will be removed
  • While exchanging a catalyst converter due to its normal using up (80.000 till 100.000) the Lambda’s Probe will be also exchanged
  • If it is necessary to incorporate a joint in front of a catalyst converter only joints produced of stainless pipes will be used, and what is more, attention will be paid to the air tightness of exhaust fumes system
  • The catalyst converter proper to the engine’s capacity will be installed

Guarantee is not given to mechanical failures of a catalyst converter. A guarantee card without a date, stamp, signatures or with corrections made even by authorized people is invalid. If any failures linked with the working of a catalyst converter occur and they would be the faults of a producer, the catalyst converter will be changed into a new one at the place of its purchase after showing both guarantee and receipt. In case of a guarantee card loss the producer doesn’t give duplicates

One should strictly follow the producer’s guidelines:

  • It is forbidden to start an engine of a car by pushing or towing the car
  • One shouldn’t control the engine’s work without removed endings of ignition wires
  • The exchange of sparking plugs should take place between 10.000 and 15.000 kilometers
  • Control of high voltage wires
  • Exchange of engine’s oil according to producer’s guidelines and periodical control of engine’s work in a specialized diagnostic station

3-ways catalyst converter produced by JMJ was designed in such a way so it conforms to the norms concerning the emission of toxic gasses into the atmosphere.

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