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JMJ, a trading and manufacturing enterprise, was founded on October 17, 1994 in Kalisz.
In the initial period, the company's activity consisted mainly of selling ready-made imported catalysts.

Taking into account market forecasts and introduction of new laws concerning exhaust emissions we decided to build a catalyst converter factory. During a period of 17 months a complete modern plant was created and started operation by initially assembling imported ceramic catalyst inserts into casings. That involved the purchase of machines and equipment as well as professional tooling for manufacture of casings and assembly of complete catalyst converters.

As a result of starting up an increasing number of different catalyst converters there occurred a growth in demand for monoliths of different sizes which led to substantial financial engagement into inventory of the above mentioned goods. In order to cope with that problem and to reduce prices our company started up production of metal monoliths and implemented the process of wash-coat and active coat (precious metals) application onto ceramic and metal monoliths.

This was confirmed by positive results of the tests for effectiveness of exhaust fumes cleaning and for durability. The plant is in possession of processing equipment allowing to keep the processing parameters precisely. The manufacturing process is overseen by in-house laboratory equipped with modern measuring devices.

Our plant has high production capacity. In the scope of supplies of components for production we collaborate with renowned companies i.e. CORNING, NGK, JOHNSON MATTHEY, FLUKA, SIGMA-ALDRICH, SUPELCO, MENNINCA PAŃSTWOWA, CARBORUNDUM, 3M, SANDVIK, THYSSEN-KRUPP, UGINE.

In 2003, we implemented ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. In 2004, we made a large investment in state-of-the-art machinery stock for production of elastic joints. In the beginning of 2005, we obtained the 103R European certificate of approval for catalyst converters.